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11:00 am

Another adorable little family that we couldn’t love more. So much love between these three.







5:32 pm

I couldn’t help myself. I had to post a preview of the Thurmond family and their new addition, Baby Eleanor. Such a beautiful family that we are blessed to have as friends.



5:20 am

Baby Anabelle is already 6 months old and such a beauty with her creamy, fair skin and bright blue eyes. Only a few hours before their session, the poor angel had her 6 month set of shots. She was such a sweetheart and let us get a few heart melting shots before she had enough. At that point we moved on to get some family portraits so she could be close to her mama and run around the park with her daddy. Once we figured out all she wanted to do was run wild and free, there were lots of giggles and smiles to be had.  It’s silly how much we love this little family. I think they love us back, which is pretty awesome.






5:39 pm


Violet’s favorite game as of late is peek-a-boo. She loves for us to throw a blanket over her and pull it off. Her absolute favorite though is when we get under the blanket together, get lost, and find each other again. I’ve never seen a bigger smile on her. I wanted to remember it forever.


Violet Peek-A-Boo

Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo



7:44 pm

Oh Mr. Ollie, you are the cutest.

Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver  Oliver Oliver
Oliver Oliver

9:15 pm

Jessica has been my hair stylist since my sophomore year at OU. She even styled my  hair for our wedding about a month after Elley was born. I was so excited when she asked us to do a mommy-daughter shoot for her and Elley. This session was filled with book reading, candy, balloons, and lots of twirling, so of course we had a blast capturing Elley do her thing. She kept us laughing and on our toes the whole time.


Jessica & Elley Jessica & Elley    Jessica & Elley

Jessica & Elley
Jessica & Elley