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9:00 pm

We enjoy in-home family sessions so much. It allows everyone to feel extremely comfortable, which gives us the opportunity to capture natrual moments. We had so much fun getting to hang out with new baby Lovie and her beautiful family. This family of five couldn’t be sweeter, and their home couldn’t be lovelier.


Lovie Trease 001

Lovie Trease 011

Lovie Trease 015


Lovie Trease 035

Lovie Trease 038


Lovie Trease 024

4:11 pm


In love with this family of four and their newest addition. I could have shared each and every image from this session.














11:00 am

Another adorable little family that we couldn’t love more. So much love between these three.







5:32 pm

I couldn’t help myself. I had to post a preview of the Thurmond family and their new addition, Baby Eleanor. Such a beautiful family that we are blessed to have as friends.



6:39 pm

This one is way overdue by about 4 months. Sweet baby Anabelle came into the world back in October. We have been documenting almost every phase of Dustin and Shelly’s life as a couple so far. The first shoot I tagged along with Robby to was their engagement session. It has been pretty neat to be around for those moments as they have grown into a family of three (five including the dogs). She is just the happiest little baby. It always brightens my day when we see her. Isn’t her nursery just the most precious thing?


Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige


Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige

Anabelle Paige

7:41 pm

Jessica and I go way back to Junior High. Our days were filled with cheerleading and learning the Dr. Evil rap songs in the Austin Powers movies. We were all kinds of weird  and we liked it that way. She is the kind of friend you can go months without seeing and pick up right were you left off the last time you hung out.  I deeply cherish our friendship and am so honored she asked us to capture this stage in Preston’s childhood.

I remember going to see preston when he was just a day old in the hospital, he was the ring bearer in our wedding two and a half years ago cutely refusing to go down the aisle (don’t they all), and now he is a kindergartener with the biggest imagination. It makes me feel extremely old.  We had a blast running and playing with him at the new addition to the Myriad Gardens downtown. What a fun age!

Preston Dunlap  Preston Dunlap      Preston Dunlap
Preston Dunlap
 Preston Dunlap  Preston Dunlap  Preston Dunlap

9:15 pm

Jessica has been my hair stylist since my sophomore year at OU. She even styled my  hair for our wedding about a month after Elley was born. I was so excited when she asked us to do a mommy-daughter shoot for her and Elley. This session was filled with book reading, candy, balloons, and lots of twirling, so of course we had a blast capturing Elley do her thing. She kept us laughing and on our toes the whole time.


Jessica & Elley Jessica & Elley    Jessica & Elley

Jessica & Elley
Jessica & Elley


6:14 pm

Meet sweet little twins Kynzi and Kylea. We have been taking taking their pictures almost every month since they were newborns. It has been so fun to see them grow and reach new milestones with each passing month. I believe these were taken around the time they were 8 or 9 months. It doesn’t seem possible, but they will be a year old next month. It’s crazy how time flies. 

 Kynzi & Kylea Kynzi & Kylea

Kynzi & Kylea

Kynzi & Kylea

7:07 pm

Nick, Taylor, and Oliver are most definitely some of our favorite people of all time. We always have the absolute best time when we get together. We have been good friends over the past few years and became even closer when we found out we were expecting the new additions to our families just 6 weeks apart. It was such an exciting time for all of us and it was so comforting to have such an amazing, real couple to go through the experience with.

We were beyond thrilled when they asked us to take family portraits for them. How cute is this little family? Pretty sure Ollie couldn’t get much cuter in that bow-tie (made by his super creative Mama). Such a dapper little gentleman.


Thurmond Family 15 
Thurmond Family  08 Thurmond Family 1

Thurmond Family  30

Thurmond Family 41 Thurmond Family  48

Thurmond Family  50

Thurmond Family  55

Thurmond Family  58

Thurmond Family  72