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6:57 pm


10 years ago we went on our first date. That’s 1/3 of my life (mind blown). I remember so many details from that day because I may or may not have fantasized for over a year that at some point Robby would ask me out. He picked me up at my sorority house after I got out of class and took me to the zoo. I borrowed my roommate’s green and white stripe tank top and he had on a band t-shirt (I’m pretty positive it was The Cure). He taught me how to use chopsticks while we ate sushi at dinner and after we went to watch my brother and some friends play music at the Jazz Lab. On our way back to Norman he asked if we went out again what would be a fun thing to do, so I told him we should go to the drive-in movies. Later, I learned that question was a test of some sort to see how fun I was. I am glad that I apparently answered correctly. So much life has been lived in these last 10 years. I look at these old images of us and it makes me so proud of what we have built together and it reminds me how God has carried us through every high and every low. I am grateful every single day that we were put together.  Rob, you are my all time favorite person, thanks for being persistent on getting permission from my brother to ask me out. I love you, I love you, I LOVE you!




4:17 pm

We had the privilege of working with the Oklahoma City Lululemon team and their store Ambassadors this summer. We met with each ambassador to shoot them as they practiced their individual disciplines, which included, yoga, cross fit, and barre. We are beyond grateful to have worked with these women and the entire Lululemon team.  These images will be displayed in the new Lululemon store  that is opening on Classen Curve today! Go check it out and while you’re there pick up an outfit. You’ll thank us later. We want to live in our Lululemon pants and shorts.


ClassenCurve15302_AllisonCandelaria_0613 001





ClassenCurve15302_GinnyKing0621 07-Edit

ClassenCurve15302_GinnyKing0621 12-Edit


ClassenCurve15302_LindsayParks0626 06-Edit-Edit




ClassenCurve15302_AndreaMason0705 14-Edit

8:26 pm

I took these while playing in her “bubble tent” a month or so ago. I realized they were taken almost exactly a year apart from her peek-a-boo pictures when she was 6 months old. Just like then, I want to remember every little detail of my sweet baby girl. I love her more than words.

5:39 pm


Violet’s favorite game as of late is peek-a-boo. She loves for us to throw a blanket over her and pull it off. Her absolute favorite though is when we get under the blanket together, get lost, and find each other again. I’ve never seen a bigger smile on her. I wanted to remember it forever.


Violet Peek-A-Boo

Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo Violet Peek-A-Boo